Posted: Mar 12, 2024

Community Administrator

Salary: $95,000.00 - $128,000.00 Annually
Application Deadline: N/A

Community Administrator, Franciscan Sisters, Little Falls, Minnesota, are seeking a professional to join our team.

The Community Administrator (CA) will oversee the administration and the day-to-day operations of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls (FSLF) including involvement in civil, legal, and corporate responsibilities. The CA will collaborate with the Leadership Team to develop and implement strategic initiatives. The CA will apply leadership, effective communication, adaptability, problem solving, strategic thinking skills and competencies to carry out the responsibilities of the position and foster teamwork among the FSLF staff. As we transition into the future, the CA will provide continuity and engagement in the broader picture of our Community. This involves areas such as mission, ministry, resources, and relationships with the local community, national organizations, and church. Mission and values of the Franciscan Sisters will guide decision making.


Please submit a cover letter with your resume or CV to: Amy Scholl, Human Resources, Franciscan Sisters, 116 8 Avenue SE, Little Falls, MN 56345  email: [email protected]  phone: 320-632-0621 

fax: 320-632-0666


Our Organization

The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls (FSLF), Minnesota, is a Roman Catholic congregation of religious women of the Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi. We dedicate ourselves to living joyfully through the Franciscan value of ongoing conversion through which flows contemplative prayer, living simply in God’s generosity, and serving others in mutual relationship.

Employee Statement of Purpose and Core Values 

We, the employees, provide services to assist the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, in fulfilling their mission. Within our daily work and responsibilities, our core values guide us in our interactions with Sisters, our colleagues, and the public as we work and celebrate together, sharing our God-given talents and our stewardship of time and resources.


  • The mission leader for the organization. Provides employee orientation and in-service and puts mission effectiveness procedures in place.  Has mission effectiveness oversight.
  • Oversee the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of FSLF, ensuring efficient and effective organizational operations.
  • Thought partner, trustworthy confidante, and advisor to the Leadership Team. The CA will participate in Leadership Team meetings as a non-voting person.
  • The CA will take a people-centric approach to guide, lead, involve, influence, and inspire all (staff, Sisters, volunteers, partners) through the changes during this important time of transition.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Leadership Team and the FSLF directors, managers, and coordinators.
  • Accountable for the implementation of the Leadership Team’s decisions and goals.
  • Provide support, oversight, leadership, and direction of all staff-supported operations of FSLF including administrative support, operations, finance, community relations, communications, human resources, information technology, legacy services, housing management, properties, land use, archives, public advocacy, community support, and other ministries and functions of FSLF.
  • Oversee and direct systems and processes in accordance with FSLF goals, objectives, and applicable compliance regulations.
  • Discern emergent planning and implementation in collaboration with the Leadership Team to develop and implement long-term plans aligned with the FSLF mission and goals.
  • Strategize with the Leadership Team about long-term archives management and housing initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the staff to assess and implement best practices and process and procedures improvements for efficiency and effectiveness across all departments and functions.
  • Effectively manage and prioritize multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. Demonstrate strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Make sound and fair decisions in complex and challenging situations, considering multiple perspectives including climate change and care of the earth, and demonstrating strong leadership skills.
  • Effective problem-solving and conflict resolution through listening, identifying, analyzing, and addressing complex issues, finding innovative and effective solutions. Committed to subsidiarity, making decisions at lowest level possible.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, including Leadership, management, Sisters, staff, associates, volunteers, and civic community. A people person who enjoys working with others and is approachable and accessible to all. Relationships are important and essential to our values.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to convey information clearly, listen actively, and engage in constructive dialogues. Must have a communication style that promotes relationships and transparency.
  • Oversee communications including printed collateral and social media platforms.
  • Work effectively with others, foster collaboration, and teamwork among all staff within the Communities.
  • Oversee performance management processes including clear expectations of staff and management. Expectations need to align with FSLF’s mission and goals.
  • Provide training and coaching, as needed, to improve performance and develop management and staff.
  • Actively connect to the Little Falls community, engage with FSLF Community members, and assess their needs to ensure that FSLF’s programs and services are meeting those needs. The CA will represent FSLF with integrity and professionalism.
  • Uphold high ethical standards, demonstrate honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, and accountability in all actions and decisions.
  • Embrace diversity, be respectful of all and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
  • Adaptable, flexible and a strong ability to pivot to implement decisions made by the Leadership Team and respond to changing circumstances and challenges.
  • Joyful, friendly, works collaboratively with others and maintains a positive attitude and outlook while working towards goals; remain calm under pressure.
  • Responsible for HR oversight including staffing and performance management.
  • Oversee HR, Labor, and Employment Compliance.
  • Oversee benefits administration for employees and Sisters
  • Provide staff professional development and serve as their supervisor and collaboration partner.
  • Demonstrate leadership and modeling on the mission and participate in events beyond “the office.”
  • Responsible for oversight of the annual operating budget.
  • Identify and implement strategies to enhance FSLF’s financial sustainability.
  • Oversee department budgets.
  • Utilize Financial reporting.
  • Assess the involvement and need for consultants.
  • Strategic look at fleet management and property ownership.
  • Make recommendations regarding resources and funding opportunities.
  • Support the Leadership Team related to issues and funding with sponsored ministries.
  • Participate in Finance Advisory Committee.
  • Fundraising, grant strategy, and relationship building with donors and funders.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent education and experience in a leadership/management role, preferably in a religious congregation, non-profit or community-based organization.
  • A passion and commitment to the mission and values of FSLF.
  • Able to learn, understand, embrace, and demonstrate our Franciscan charism and spirituality (joy, gratitude, caring for others, peace and the love and the goodness of God manifested in all creation) and possess pastoral skills.
  • Business acumen with a proven track record of success in emergent and strategic planning, operational and administrative management.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with the Leadership Team, management, staff, donors, FSLF (Sisters and Associates), and the civic community.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills with the ability to think creatively and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Financial acumen with an expertise in budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting.
  • Proven ability to manage and motivate diverse teams and foster collaboration.